Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oups. I guess we had ordered a demolition because I showed up today with this pile outside the house.

Our new contractors Jay and Jeff are not wasting any time. This is all from the pastry shop where we are jacking up the foundation to support the second floor bathroom.

I took a deep breath and made Tabouli. Following my sister's recipe pretty much. I boiled some of my homemade veggie broth and poured over the couscous. Then lemon juice, sumak, home grown parsley, olive oil, tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese. 

Pretty yummy. It'll keep me fed for a while. 

I removed the cap off the airlock on Dirk's instructions and as I did so I smelled the first fart induced by this our very own Blue Jay Brew. And it won't be the last - according to my sister. Oy ve.

Then I took pictures.

The pastry shop and the 2 rooms above it are an addition. We have heard that a doctor once lived in the house and built the addition to make room for a practice. We don't know when it was built but we are slowly learning how - poorly.  This is the foundation and red circle is the daylight coming through it. Yikes.

This is the original outer wall of the house. We also think the kitchen was once in the basement and the hole below the boards must have been the entrance.

There's the basement and the oxygen tent for our furnace.

The walls are stripped and will be built back up correctly with insulation and good electric wiring.

This is a door way that has been boarded up until now. There is still much confusion about what this pretty room will become but I think we are going to open up this door to the outside so that once we go ahead and do our dream kitchen this can become the mud room entrance.

Jay and Jeff also unearthed more wall paper art. Who knows when this was put up!

This is really the only evidence of the storm a few weeks ago. A whole lot of firewood. I've been cleaning up here and there in the yard and made piles. Florence has helped also because she took care of all the pine branches, goats apparently eat the needles and the bark. It even helps with deworming. Alright then.

That itty bitty pile of snow is it. I would say spring has won.

So I guess these SOB's have come to stay. You go one road down and there's fields full of Robins! But we get brown headed cow birds. Freeloading bullies who push baby sparrows out of their nests. Not cool.

This rascal came by the bird feeding area. I had thrown out the butt of the Toft and he helped himself. Seemed to like it. So that's good, maybe we have a veggie kitty on our hands and he will leave my sparrows alone.

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