Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you!

I thought I was rambling on about fish stick tacos, fat robins and mega super duper demolition to no one in particular. I thought little Maple Ave Gazette was James' and my time capsule and journal to look back upon tomorrow and 5 years from now. We already do actually and so much has happened since september. I always knew I had some loyal readers, my dueling Clintondale blog compadres down the street x2, my sister, my parents and Rosemary. 

But today I got 2 people with ZERO connection to each other (a drive by neighbor and James' favorite uncle) saying they read my blog and I was just delighted! Thank You!!! 

Now I would love to hear from you! 

To say hello, take a hike, keep it up, "now try my banana bread", "you guys are out of your minds taking on that house" or anything that's on your mind go to the bottom of the post and write your words of wisdom or just incoherent midnight ramblings in the comment box. Then pick an identity from the pull down menu (where it says: comment as). You don't have to have a google account to comment, just scroll down to anonymous and then just sign your name at the bottom of your post. If you want me to know who you are... You can also choose name/URL and just put your name in the box that pops up. It doesn't matter if you don't have a URL.


  1. Recent confession at the local BA (bloggers anonymous) meeting:

    Hi, my name is Linda.

    (group shouting) Hi Linda.

    I am an addict. It started innocently. I bought this house, you know, and it needed a lot of fixing, and my parents live in Sweden, and I wanted them to see what we do and how cool everything is.

    So I started this blog about how we fix up the house. And my parents being good parents left me a comment, telling me how proud they were, and stuff.

    But then we got to know these neighbors, who are also fixing up a house, and keeping a blog, and I was like "COOL!!!", fixer-upper-blogger-buddies. So they started reading my blog, too, and they left a comment here and there, and we left comments for them.

    However, they already had a few people read their blog, and those people then started reading my blog, and they left comments.

    And then I would ask for help with naming flowers and even more people left comments. And then I started checking my blog ten times a day to see if I had a new comment.

    And one day I started begging people for comments, just so they would keep coming, because I need comments, I am an addict.

    (short guy gets up) Don't worry, it's OK. It's positive you recognize your addiction. I was there once. No, wait, I am still there ... ;-)

  2. never fear, your stalker is here....

  3. Hehe... och här har du ett troget fan! Kram

  4. Ooooooh that did sound like I was fishing for comments didn't it. Well awright maybe I did but some people have also expressed technical difficulties in leaving comments so I thought I would just explain how very easy it is to tell me just hoooooow muuuuuuch they enjoy my blog. Cause I need it. Desperately. At least I have taken the first step and admitted I'm an addict. Now I just have to address blogging alone, blogging first thing in the morning and commenting on strangers' blogs just to lure them to mine. Thank you Dirk for letting me know I'm not alone with my addiction.

  5. Heh. Are we a support group or a group of enablers? So tough to say...

    I often have to repost my comments in order to get them to post. It could be a browser issue. people who get rejected the first time should just hit the "post comment" button again and see if that works as well for them as it does me.

    p.s. Do you guys have Flickers? We've got 'em, and WOW are they gorgeous!

  6. Hej!
    Behöver inte presentera mig eftersom du känner mig. Bra att skrev att man inte måste vara anonym trots att man inte har ngn URL, det hade inte jag greppat.
    Hälsa mannen.

  7. Suzanne & ButchApril 26, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    Hi, Neighbors! I am so glad you had given us your blog addy- I finally got to read & enjoy some of it! Being country folk (sorta-kinda)& old hands at renovations (remind me to show you pictures of our lovely Queen Anne Victorian pre- restoration AND pre-fire!!) our thinking was not to be intrusive and show up on your doorstep TOO often while you are busy ripping down and putting up. That said, I'm so happy you enjoyed my rhubarb/strawberry preserves and loved having you show me the changes across the street! Let me know if you need plants- there is a local wholesale nursery in Highland that has an extensive greenhouse and later in the season they will have more than flower/veggie/herb plants that are growing there now. Enjoy your parents visit!- call if you need anything, and I'm so glad to have someone to share recipes with- Butch has been a chef for over 26 years and we cook like you do- not just to eat but for the pure enjoyment of the colors, aromas and creativity of it!
    Suzanne & Butch