Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who's that bird?

Had a new fella over for breakfast but can't identify him. Matte black  body and matte brown head. Looks like a mean SOB but very handsome. Definitely villain material or gentleman thief/spy. Any clues who he might be?

And this is Mr. Speckles. He's new too. 

I think he is a Vesper or Song Sparrow. We desperately need a new bird book.

Also saw a red winged blackbird but fumbled with the long lens and only got a lousy shot of him in the tree. He'll be back. Oh yes, he'll be back.

PS! He is brownheaded cowbird! Yes! A cow bird!!! Yous in the cooouuuntry now! And I was right about the villain part, they dump their babies in other bird's nests and leave. The cow bird babies eat all the food and grow faster than the babies who live their and sometimes end up pushing them out of the nest. Bad cow bird. Don't like.

PPS! I have it on good authority, my on-call bird expert Aunt RiRi that the latter guy is a song sparrow. 


  1. That cowbird surely has Godfather material, though he wouldn't be the godfather himself, but one of his henchmen ...

  2. I'm so sad to hear how nasty the cowbirds are, as I think they're rather pretty. Sigh. Mother Nature, you're one tricky babe.