Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watch your step

Another day completed for J&J, and for the day - a cameo by another J and my gawd do they work hard. 

This post will require some befores and afters, ladies and gents.

This was our living room during the christmas break. Much time was spent here. So many movies, so much ice cream. Napping, drooling, backgammon, more movies. Even some chocolate fondue was enjoyed right here.

Now - watch your step.

We are putting down a vapor barrier and insulating the floor. Then all the boards will be replaced and then we'll put on a sub floor. Then we take a break and go sell our kidneys. And then....

More thens....

And there it is. Aaaaahhh this cathedral ceiling almost makes me want to pray a little. 

And now...

That stone work is TO DIIIIIE FAH! 

Haha! It's the only greeeeen left. My sister is right though, now I think we need to keep some kind of memento of the once greeeeeen. This weird funky door leading to the blue room maybe.


And yay!

This is a funky paste job of the whole room. Bathroom will go in the far end and the studs still in place will just become another wall a little deeper in. The ceiling peaks go in different directions and it will be a strange a lovely room one day.

Insulation schimsulation. Here we have clap board siding nailed right onto the studs.

Oh, I'm sorry I take that back. The team did find some insulation...

Three of these gorgeous things from 1949. Making me think that that's when the addition was built. The ads are the best...

Bis später. Tills vidare.

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