Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spring, Summer, Fall...

Gearing up for a few months of work, we kicked off the summer like this.

Then there was this...

But I also took some days off to take pictures of pretty people on film sets. Lots of new stuff on my website if you want to take a look!

And when that ended we got ourselves back on to the Vineyard as fast as the Subaru could handle. French movies, seafood and walks on the beach. And breeeeeeath out...

We also took some time to work on a blog for Rosemary so that she can sell her pretty watercolors on line.

I took some moths home and hung them on the blue wall. I love it!

Rosemary also got us 2 copper bins for our firewood. I love them too.

The ax on the side is an awesome present from the Swedish Goats.

19 Maple Ave has a 2nd coat of green on it and the cottage has new kitchen cabinets.

We had a tenant in the cottage for about 4 months but it ended very badly on September 16th and now it is available again!


We're looking for independent, employed and,  well, sane...

In other news....

We may have bought 6 Maple Avenue... A sweet would be 3 bedroom house just down the road that is going to be an ideal rental in a year or so. We are in contract and time will tell.

Early fall portrait of the 2nd love of my life.

 The 1st one and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

In sad news grandma Annalisa passed away very suddenly yesterday. No one saw it coming, on Tuesday she went to gymnastics and in her datebook she already had a hair appointment booked for next week. But yesterday she felt a little tired and laid down. About an hour later she was gone. There was no pain and no suffering, a blessing to her and everyone around her who loved her. She was 96 years young. We will miss her incredibly.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

More photos!

The house is in a good place right now. Not much going on. So I am once again using this blog to show some photos from a recent shoot with the magnificent Miss Miller. We did a shoot a long time ago and now she needed new headshots and I was only too happy to jump in a shoot them. She has the best smile and I've been saving this crazy 50's swimcap for a photo with her and her smile. It turned out better than I ever saw in my head.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo Shoot

This post has nothing to do with my house but that's OK because this is MY blog. I did a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Andrea Elizabeth Palesh last week. I got to know Andrea when I was filming Fractures, a dance film choreographed and directed by Rich Lugo. She has a great blog that you should check out: Read Between The Lanes. We shot up by Riverside Park and I think we got some great stuff. Click on any image to bring up the slideshow.


I've posted my 3 favorites on my website already. Guess which ones.  Also just added some new old travel photos under PLACES. Check it out!