Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bring Spring

I thought winter was over but it keeps coming back. I'm ready for this muddy slush to be over. The snow comes and is pretty for an afternoon and the next morning it's rained away.

January passed with the boys finishing up the cottage. We feel really good about the results.

 Good riddance to that gnarly carpet.

New wood floors and a peek into the bathroom with the new checkerboard floor.
We got rid of the shower cabin and put in a new vanity and toilet.
The boys built a custom shower which created a lot more room.
We used the left over paint from our bathroom for the walls.

New wood floors and new closet doors in both bedrooms and in this one, French doors leading to the deck.
The other bedroom.

The strange porchy area where we installed the washer dryer. We just decided to paint this room dark green.

The piece I directed, shot and edited in December for poet Nathalie Handal is now up on line!

January was sloooooooow for work but it's picking up now. I am doing stills on a little movie in Hudson. On Monday and Tuesday set was atop the slopes of Catamount Ski Area. It's pretty awesome to combine so many things I dig. Skiing photography and making movies. In my downtime moments and would go for a run....

I think I'm done with this pathetic winter. I have dreams of spring.

 Edgartown, MA October 2012.