Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Annual Robin Watch

I am on high robin alert today and it's already paying off. Bam - gotcha!

Until today I really only knew about robins from Sandy's dream in Blue Velvet (only like my favorite movie of all times) where there's a dark world without robins, who represent love. In the final scene the family sees a molten looking robin on the window sill and all is once again well in Lumberton. Here's the GA-GA awesome Fred Elmes talking about itOf course the story about making the scene is as good as the scene itself since David Lynch was involved.

What I want to know though is how Linné would justify his latin name - Turdus.

This is the first guy I saw this morning (downy or hairy woodpecker) though. Pecking at a stick of knot weed. My god I know these are meager times but c'mon - knot weed?

Our crack contracting team is going nutso in the green room today. They've demoed enough to expose the peaked roof. Pictures will follow.

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