Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Signs of Spring

This will be our first spring in these parts and we really have no idea what our yard will look like, what's growing where and so on. I'm sure we are in store for many surprises - good and bad.

This is good! 

These buds were kitty cats just a week ago and now they are almost blooming. Let's play the ID game everyone! Cause I have no idea! Time to start looking for a plant book - now that we got the bird issue taken care. Wink wink J and thanks again!

This could be bad. But it could also be lovely flowers. Growing in the middle of our construction debris.

This is only good. It's a flower bed that survived the snow plows.

This is AAAAALLLLL bad. These ugly gross baby alien heads are knot weed. The big nasty dirt patch next to the barn is a mine field of these horrid things. If you need to take your aggressions out on anything please come to our house and kick the baby aliens!

This is a great spring sign! Young red winged black birds a plenty!!!!

The boys are taking a break after a job WELL done! The whole bedroom and bathroom are framed out and now you can see the dormer. Smygkök utkik utsmyg vad hette det nu Kajsa...

The ceiling will come down to the top of the small rounded windows which will get real windows which will make the light in this room even more gorgeous.

The closets are built and will create a small hallway in to the bathroom. 

This is an image from this fall that I forgot about. I took it through our bathroom window which has old rippled glass in it. Makes for a lovely distortion doesn't it.

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  1. Did you say your construction crew is taking a break?! Does this mean we're getting a break as well, I mean: Come on!!! So many blog posts, so much action, I can barely keep up with it! I had to take a day off today just to read your blog ... ;-)

    Off to the picture quiz:

    Third picture from the top looks like tiger lilies, which grow like weeds around here, but look very pretty.

    Fourth picture: Daffodils, no doubt (until proven wrong).

    Fifth picture: If it's not knot weed, it could be rhubarb.

    Pictures eight through ten: Awesome!!! ... :-)