Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vineyard Vows

I picked the parents up at Newark airport about 10 days ago. We drove straight to Clintondale and caught a beautiful sunset on the patio with shrimp ceviche with tortilla chips and Sopa Azteca. Lots has happened since they visited 1 1/2 years ago and we took a long tour of the house. 

On our 2nd night together we went down to the Gunk Haus for an overdue dinner. It was a Monday and we finally caught an empty-the-keg night. Let's see... to eat, we all shared Obatzda and pretzels for an appetizer. Entrees... I had 3 cheese chicken sausage on top of pretzel dumplings and stout onion gravy. James had the smoked pork chop. Pappa had the curry wurst, it's been on the menu since day 1, a classic so to speak. Mamma had the burger. Oh that burger!

On Tuesday we decided on a longer outing and we set out for Hudson in the morning. About 10 minutes outside of town is Olana, the home that Hudson Valley painter Frederick Edwin Church built around 1860.

 It's an incredible house and the view is inspiring! We highly recommend a visit!

Strolling the grounds.

After Olana we spent some time in Hudson which is just chock full of wonderful antique stores. Before we left we had a light lunch at what appears to be brand new Café Le Perche.

Back at the house we made an Italian buffet for ourselves. With red wine of course.


On Wednesday morning we took off for the Vineyard and Rosemary. We are always looking for an excuse to go to the island but this time we had a little something special in store.

Rosemary lives in Vineyard Haven. This is the view from the Mansion House in town. When my parents were back in Sweden I told them to pack EVERYTHING (bikini, ski jacket and a tie) the weather having been unexpected to say the least. And the tie... well, my dad l0ves to wear a tie and we told them we had plans of going to a fancy restuarant in Edgartown, and he wouldn't want to be caught without one at l'etoile. Anyway, pappa says he suspected something right then. But boy did we keep our mouths shut. Confirming NO suspicions. Bordering on being antisocial. Mamma came down into the kitchen right before we left for the ceremony and sensed something was up. She asked Rosemary "what is going on??" and Rosemary just kept wiping wiping wiping the counter. Not saying a word.

We all put on on our Thursday bests and started getting ready for dinner. We told mamma and pappa we were going to check out a killer sunset before food and packed in to the car and went to the beach, the spot exactly is where Tashmoo pond meets the ocean. 

...Where the heart is....

The road was long and windy and more suited for out of control motor cross than a peaceful sunset drive and the elders where probably beginning to wonder where we were taking them. Rosemary was in on the secret and helped with the details. In the parking lot I got out to find the other pieces of the puzzle. There was a fishing derby going on at the same time so I had to peek into a few beat up trucks before finding one of the fishermen wearing a tie. That must be our justice of peace, Jim... Kelly, a friend of a friend of Rosemary's was also waiting with my camera to take pictures. All the photos are by her! When Jim stepped out of his beater with a black pad under his arm my parents finally caught on. Well, they had sensed something but we all did an amazing job of keeping of pie holes shut! I grabbed my bouquet from a cooler in the trunk and HOLY SH*T we got ourselves a wedding!!! 

It was windy as all get out but the sunset was perfect and the ceremony was lovely. Complete with our own vows. (I have no idea what I may or may not have promised Mr. Casey. It was emotional and it was on the fly and I was freezing) and exchange of a ring. First I wore it, then he wore it. Ah, it's just how we do things I guess.

 Mamma, pappa, Mr. Casey, Mrs. Källérus, Rosemary and Jim, our justice of peace.

I've been calling Rosemary my mother in law for a long time already but now it's the real deal. The flowers were her idea and gift and I'm so glad I had them.

We took a moment to crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

Right on the smacker, Mr. Casey!

After the ceremony we went to l'etoile in Edgartown for one of the fanciest meals I've ever  had. James and I went all out as newlyweds should and picked the chef's tasting menu. Holy smokes. Mouth watering. 
1. Oysters on the half shell 2 ways. One with a champagne sauce and one with a blood orange sauce
2. Seared foi gras
3. Baby spinach salad
4. Lobster etuvée
5. Herb rubbed lamb chops
6. flour less chocolate cake with coconut ice cream

Back at Rosemary's we had CAKE! An adorable two tier baby wedding cake with raspberries and cream inside and covered with butter cream!!!!We looked at pictures and concluded that it had been a perfect day.

We stayed another day on the island and took a long drive and ended back up  in Edgartown.

I took the parents to the city on Sunday to finish out their trip. Monday was stupidly hot for October 1oth and we strolled around Central Park and Bryant Park in T-shirts. 

Central Park entertainment.

The 2nd part of the day we decided on the movies. But first - Sockerbit. A piece of candy heaven for a Swedish expat like myself. It's a brand new store on Christopher Street that you must visit.

We brought our goodies to the Film Forum to see Gainsbourg, which was very good. A little fragmented maybe but all the music really brings it together. We finished the night at White Slab Palace on Delancey, formerly Good World Bar & Grill. The food was great as always but the service was horrendous. 

On Tuesday the parentals did the city by themselves as I got a job offer I couldn't refuse. Assisisting on the filming of the dress rehearsal of Karen O's top secret new rock opera, Stop the Virgens, in a ware house in Dumbo. Amazing!!! Mamma and pappa had their own opera experience, Barber of Sevilla at the Met. Fancy.

On Wednesday we had time for a quick stroll on the Highline and then it was time for them to get on the bus to Newark. As always, it's sad to see them go, but we have super lovely memories and we will see them soon again. They went home with a striped shirt from Muji and expensive sneakers for mom and a checkered shirt from the Gap for dad and a brand new son in law for them to share.