Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fast Times at Maple Ave

Be it to test my will power. 
Or wanting to get a kick start on feeling healthy. 
Or wanting to cook up a hearty veggie broth. 
Or kicking caffeine. 
Or saving a penny or two on food.

Any and all reasons are good for doing a 3-5 day fast. 

Two years ago James and I did the master cleanse. We drank nothing but lemon water with cayenne paper and maple syrup in it for 2 weeks for me and 3 weeks for James. After 2 weeks I had amazing energy and felt (yeah, and looked...) like a million bucks. We were redoing our apartment and weren't working so the timing was perfect. We had also been doing a lot of traveling to places that involved lots of beer, sausages and fried food.

Almost done with New years pork fandango Tallinn country style. 

Big beers in Tallinn

Puerto Rico: Those coconuts are filled with rum and also just TRY to order something in Puerto Rico that ISN'T fried. 

So needless to say we needed a healthy break.

As long as we stayed inside and kept busy it was great. The food smells of the outside world were taunting as all get out, especially Gray's Papaya hot dogs on the corner. Every once in a while we would open an old jar of cashew butter and smell it. 

Anyway, that whole experience was a little too hardcore (we would start every day by drinking a liter of salt water which is known as an oral enema...) and we won't be going through that again but I have been looking for something I can do 3 days every 6 months or whenever I feel sluggish.

So I'm following a regiment my sister sent me. My winding down day consisted of raw veggies and soups and teas. Day 1 started with chamomille tea.

After that something to help the digestive system... (Bleech for prune juice but surely better than salt water!) For lunch I had miso soup that I'm making with paste and water and in the afternoon more tea. 

In between lots and lots of lemony and orangey water.

I had  planned on this fast while being in the city and picked up an array of veggies from our market on 9th Ave btw 42/41. We got big fat carrots, celery, onions and turnips (rova) and a red pepper. Mostly to make the picture nicer. I also put some garlic in there and salt and a handful of peppercorns. I fit about a gallon and a half of water in the pot and it cooked for about 2 hours.

And it all boils down to this. Very good actually. Dinner is served.

Today is Day 3 and I'm hungrier than I've been. May start to wind back up tomorrow with some veggies. The only craving I have is for tomatoes. Big fat juicy tomatoes by the slice with salt and pepper on them. Gawd I'm making myself crazy.

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  1. Gosh, you guys are hardcore. I am impressed, I couldn't do it (unless you challenged me, and that has less to do with will-power, but stupid stubbornness, which is my sole source of will-power).