Monday, September 26, 2011

The Shuffle

Things are really coming together over here! 

With the blue room (now called the PAAAAARLOUR) and the upstairs bedroom done we can finally start getting things to their proper places. James moved his stuff from the guest room in to the old bedroom.

It's called the STUDIO and we are only peaking in. This is his room to do with as he wishes. I'm really happy he can now spread out and do his music stuff!

So - with the studio downstairs the guest room can become nothing but.

Just in time for my parents to arrive next weekend. The gorgeous old wash stand comes from Karen and Chris down the road.

Lovisa finally decided to pack up her NY life and become a true world citizen. We said good bye to her with a crayfish party here at the house a couple of weekends ago. She has left all her things in our hands to utilize or to store and I'm using them!

We set up an office with her fancy computer (that was used to edit the Conservatory which is looking amazing by the way) at the top of the stairs and in her own words I now have "a rooooom with a view..." 

And so to the PAAAAARLOUR we go...

The piano is a brand new addition to our house.

This pull out couch was one of our first purchases when we moved in. It has been sitting in the barn for almost 1 1/2 years and last weekend we finally unveiled it again. The Chagall posters from the Modern Museum of Stockholm are also from Lovisa. Curtains and art have yet to be hung. Paint needs to dry a little more.

Oups. Yea, and by the parlour being done - I mean half of it. The other half is getting finished as we speak...

Got a couple of more days on a movie and then I head upstate to prepare for parental arrival. I pick them up at Newark on Sunday and then we head straight to Clintondale! We take a breather up there for a day and half and then we go up to the Vineyard to visit with Rosemary for a few days. Very exciting!!!