Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blue room and green house

I am due for a post. Just in time for turkey day! The bird went in the brine around 12 today and will get a solid 24 hours in the bath. I've been looking forward to this like crazy. We had a very successful Thanksgiving dinner with friends 2 years ago. Seems crazy that the house was in any kind of shape to house guests but we did it. Last year I was stuck in Mexico and the closest to turkey I got was to learn how to say it in Spanish. Took a day for it to stick. Guajalote... Guajalote... Or pavo. I have no idea what the difference is. Rosemary is here already and today we finished the curtains for the blue room. 

Our 1 month wedding anniversary came and went and our 2 year house anniversary did the same. Summer is gone and we've already had a snow storm with a for us record breaking 24 hours without power. 

The house is no longer PINK but has 1 healthy coat of green on it.

This is the last little bit that needs paint. Hopefully this weekend stays warm so we can get it done.

One movie has been followed by another and I've been lucky to be on exciting projects. The latest being an adventure in the forests of Arkansas where I was shot at more than once and spent a good chunk of time up to my ankles in mud where 15 minutes earlier 10 (tame) snakes had been crawling around. It was awesome. The film is incidentally named Mud and is the 3rd movie by director Jeff Nichols. His 2nd film, Take Shelter, is in theaters now and I highly recommend it. 

The film business is so glamorous.

A busted up camera crew after our last day that started at 6pm and ended at noon. I was only there for 2 weeks - the others did it for 10. God blessem and we enjoyed every minute.

Things are really happening with the projects I've done so far this year. Rich has found editors for our dance film, now called Fractures. Here are some stills I pulled from our footage. Rich is the idea man, choreographer and director and I shot it on my 7D. Andrea and Amy are our talented dancers.

Also our Caligola music film has become public. LINK! We are massively proud of it. If you want to be in the club you have to watch it. I dare ya. Here are some stills from THAT project. Lovisa Inserra directed and I shot it on a Red with Nikkor primes. Our guest is played by Peter Eggers.

Caligola is a band consisting of members from Mando Diao plus the Salazar brothers. We shot this film and 2 music videos during a crazy 2 day period in a mansion outside of Stockholm this past June. So excited about the outcome.

That was more about work than the house I guess. But that's where the focus has been lately. And the house has been just what it needs to be - a place to relax and come home to. Our big project in the next few weeks is an overhaul of the cottage. It kinda sucks and the timing is bad but our tenant of 10 months decided to move out on a whim and it seems like now or never. Jake is getting started on the wood floors on Monday.

But first...

Another very successful Thanksgiving feast. The turkey was ridiculously juicy and tasty. I used the same herb rub from 2 years ago and the same stuffing with sausage, dried cranberries and apple. We packed the bird very lightly with stuffing and shoved some lemons in the hole as well. It cooked about an hour at 450 with the breast up to brown it. Then we flipped it and turned the heat down to 375. It was a 15 pound turkey and it took about 3 1/2 hours in the oven. We also had mashed potatoes, baked mushrooms and corn. We made gravy from the turkey neck and from spillings in the pan. Whoa. Killer. So good.