Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning light

The boys have been upstairs for a few days and it's looking amazing. It's so far from being done but I already want to move in!!!

The light is just gorgeous in the mornings and part of the plan is to put windows into the vents as well. 

This is a couple of days ago and I need to get up there tomorrow morning to get an updated snap, cause today the framed out the dormer. It's hard to see but our roof has peaks and ridges going in all sorts of directions and it took some figuring out but we managed to preserve most of them. 

We are not keeping  the sharp peak but are bringing the ceiling down to those new cross beams. It's cheaper and will be much better when it comes to insulating.

This is going to be the bed wall. Good bye little green door. Goodbye beautiful stone work.

This wall will become closets and the wall to the bathroom.

It's a Grackle! A Grackle I tell ya!

Noisy beautiful bullies! Love em so much I want to name my house after them. 

Although I'm crushing hard on the robins right now. I can watch them run for ages. Why do they do that? They've got wings - why do they use their legs like suckers!

"Duh-huh-huh. Are you guys talking about me?"

I mean come on this guy is awesome. He's got a serious penguin thing going on. Runs like one too. 

And lastly some nature porn. 


  1. You guys are rockin' and rollin'. Sorry about the stone wall, would have been a nice feature, but E! and I know all too well that sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

    Keep up the good work, and the nature porn ... ;-)

  2. Now that you're gotten the bird ID thing down, you're welcome to borrow our copy of Weeds of the Northeast by Richard Uva, J.C. Neal, and J.M. DiTomaso. A delightful Master Gardener recommended it to me in our first year of weed-spotting and it continues to provide helpful information.

    I second GH - keep up the nature porn AND the awesome bird pics! And come on down to the ponds and creek anytime for some turtle, heron, goose, and other creatures to capture on film (err, on a memory card?).

  3. No way! You got herons! Gaaaaaaawwwww dreeeeewwwl so jealous. That sounds awesome! I need a pond! James - shovel - NOW start digging! Oh, until then - I would love to get my ornitology on by your pond. RRRRAOOOWW