Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm sorry, but very few things are tastier than cheese and butter on home baked bread. This also just happens to be Swedish brännvins (schnaps) cheese from - where - you guessed it - IKEA's food store. Makes a complete  mellanmål (middle-meal) with hot chocolate. 

I'm having another one...


  1. Och på OSTindiaporslin! Haha! Kan det bli svenskare?

  2. That's right! Translation: the China in the pic is a Swedish kind called Ost (means cheese but also east...) India. A shipping company back in the day. The table cloth is actually milled in Dalarna in Sweden, a very traditional pattern. So a Swedish picture indeed!!!

  3. Nä nu är jag trött på den där smörgåsen. Ge mig nåt nytt please! Ös ur din digra källa av ord och bild! Kram