Thursday, March 18, 2010

Demo part deux

Is this day 2 or 54 of the demolition? Team Triple J is moving at like break neck pace. 

Temporary structural support for the upstairs. Tomorrow they are putting in a steel beam.

Concrete has been poured to support the new floor.

The entrance to the once basement kitchen and the clapboards of the original house.

The idiot/girl who never got to go to spring break in Cabo in me wants to fill this whole thing with water and have like the biggest mudfight of all times.

Now you have to step up to go down to the basement.

And can I please please please share with you the finch of the day. Because there was never a tougher finch. Click on the picture to enlarge it cause you have to see his little bruiser face better. 

You talking to me? Well you must be talking to me cause there's no on else on this twig.


  1. Dangnabbit, you guys are moving fast!!! We just stopped by this evening and peeked through the windows: You got the subfloor in already, everything's jacked up. How do you spell jealousy? ... ;-)

    You guys rock ... :-)

  2. Holy cannoli - are you guys cranking, or what? I can hardly wait to see all the madness in person. (How's that for a shameless invitation of myself to your place?) And I LOVE your finch picture. That's one badass little house finch. Who would know he sings such a pretty song?