Friday, March 5, 2010

Just another day at the office...

Very seldom do I ask to have my picture taken with the people I work with...

(Very special circumstances only, like Frank Booth special...)

(My assistant Zoe and I and the lovely Elijah)

...but today it had to be done. Mostly for my pops. 

When my parents come to visit I usually hand them a Time Out magazine and say go through it and see if you can find some things you would like to do. So my dad found a promotional Blondie concert in downtown Manhattan and asked if we could go. 

(That's Debbie back there in a fab furry hat!)

We all have great memories of listening to Heart of Glass back in the day, including pops so this was very special. Of course she waited until the encore to play it and the antecipation almost got the better of us so when she did - it was just perfect.

So when I found out I was working with Debbie Harry this week I knew I had to make a photo op happen. 

Mission accomplished!

The job is The John Roberts show and here he is playing his character Bunny, a hysterical impersonation of his New Jersey/Brooklyn mom. 

Here is a link to one of his youtube videos that I think is to DIIIIE FOR! ARE YOU KIDDIN ME! I CAN'T STAND IT!!!

Watch it a couple of times cause it gets more and more brilliant.

Who wants Baileys?


  1. It's good to hear you are back working. I hope this is a longer gig.

  2. Vart tog Stormare vägen? ;-)