Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Green in Big Pink

The long awaited couch is here! Thank you Rosemary! First some befores just to remind myself how far we've come!!!

The couch arrived last night and it's been test driven already to 3 episodes of Damages, season 1. Our only complaint is that it's too comfy. It's hard to get up once you're in it. 

It's a Rowe couch with a custom made slip cover. Rosemary picked up all the fabric samples in Boston and we decided on this one. And now a big green velour monster has taken hold of our living room. Coze factor is in the red zone.

And cause we are so excited about it and it's such a perfect fit for the room and for us all we want now is a good rug, drapes, big crazy art for the walls, lamps, plants, aquariums, stuffed fish for over the fireplace (we would settle for a susaphone or a wagonwheel if anybody's got one)....!!! And the perfect accessory for any comfy piece of furniture. A cat. Named Todd.

Here's the start of the white bathroom. Go away pink -you are not wanted here.

We love Clintondale and feel so lucky to have found this place. Now we want more people to find it! We looked at both these houses before we found Big Pink and they are still for sale, you young house hunters you...

I call this one Cute Guy. It's about 100 years old and completely finished inside. It has a cool barn, about an acre of land and a great view of the mountains. It was a little too small for us and we also wanted a little bit of a fixer upper.

This is the crazy house across the street from us. The one with the domed ceiling in the dining room and the LED water fall art on the wall. She's a gutter for sure but a gutter in foreclosure and someone could make it a terrific house. It has about 4 acres of land and giant barn.

This is the back of the crazy house and the red barn that belongs to the house.

And this of course is the Gunk Haus and this is the first of many reminders - they open for business March 21st and it's gonna be great! Hope to see you there!

And finally an herbal update. It's still illegal in the United States of America. Oh - right my window sill herbs...

My thumb may be green but it's a little confused. I thought I planted 4 different kinds of herbs but 2 came up as Parsley and one as Cilantro. And one not at all. But parsley is good to keep around, grandma Anna Lisa thinks it cures just about everything.


  1. Is that a man-eating couch or what?! Gosh, no wonder you guys don't leave the house anymore. All you gotta get now is TV, so we can watch the Oscars, let's say ... ;-)

    I can see a Todd; white belly, long whiskers, and round like a basketball (if he's lucky he'll make it up the couch ;-).