Monday, November 23, 2009

Misplaced energy is still energy!

We showed up on friday night and Scott had installed 3 windows in the living room and one in the dining room. They still need to be trimmed out but by golly whatta difference already!

It's so much quieter now that the black garbage bag that was acting as window for the past 2 months isn't flapping in the breeze.

Another sign of the DOG wiped away... There used to be a half eaten windowsill attached to this window but now it's gone. Bye bye doggy, bye bye.

I'm really happy with our choice to go 2 over 2. It appeals to my Scandinavian sensibility and looking around the neighborhood it seems to be the style. The argument against them is that our house was built in 1800 and at that time they could not make panes this big. The correct windows for the time period would be 8 over 8 or smaller. Now, 19 Maple Ave happens to be a big mish-mosh of eras and has gone through so many stages that it's hard to do a true restoration. We are putting in skinny 4 over 4 windows in the bay window because that was most likely a Victorian addition for example. So bear with us Clintondale, we won't turn Big Pink into a complete Frankenstein but are using our best judgment.

So, seeing the leaps and bounds that the 4 windows did for progress James and I went nuts. In every possible direction. One minute we were tearing up the floor in the awful green room. That could easily have waited a month or five but alas, on hands and knees getting rid of pee stinking linoleum.

Just so you get the idea, this floor is a vast improvement...

This is the room next to the green room and the 1 year plan is to join these 2 rooms to make the master bedroom. Knocking down a wall and hopefully raising the ceiling. Also hoping to put a bathroom in that far corner.

Next minute I'm assembling IKEA furniture for the guest room and making the bed. It's really so so so so cute!

Guest room by IKEA.

Next extremely important task was apparently to finally blow up a pilates ball that's been in a box since we moved in. Followed by 20 sporadic crunches.

While this is going on James is going bananas on the knot weed. Not even close to being on the agenda but hey! When the mood strikes. We somehow cleared a good third of it!

A man and his ho. Or is it hoe?

It was a gorgeous day and I had to join in. I will not miss a good photo-op where I can look like a total country hobo.

No that's not our fire, officer. Alright it is our fire, but look how safety conscious we are with the fire extinguisher right there.

So one can now walk from one end of the knot catastrophe to the other. Linked is a site where our dear knot weed (deemed an invasive plant in New York state...) is pictured next to snails and bugs and some other farmer enemies. Soooo, there is still a lot of work to be done to get rid of it but this was a step in the right direction. We didn't uncover as much litter as we expected, but there was still enough beer bottles and bleach containers hidden in the dirt to wonder a bit about people's habits and general ideas of upkeep.

Back to the dervish like activity of the weekend. I also bought a turkey, assembled a christmas tree stand, arranged the living room 3 times, made pytt-i-panna (Swedish prince sausage, potatoes and onion all fried up together and served with fried eggs on top. Spice it up with paprika. Delish!) got an Apple expert on the phone to fix my busted iTunes library, planned our thanksgiving menu which includes a lot of brining research. The turkey goes in the bucket on Wednesday morning and I will tell you all about it.
And that about covers the weekend.

A short 2 day stay in the city to prep for a movie I start in a week. I look forward to it, Henry's Crime, with Keanu Reeves and James Caan. And back to Clintondale tomorrow night. It gets harder and harder to leave our lovely Hamlet and our aaaaawesome house. Come by anytime this 4 day weekend for glögg and gingersnaps! Welcome!


  1. Two over two windows looks spectacular. We should install them in our place as well, oh wait, we have them already ... ;-)

    Glühwein und Ingwerschnapps, we'll be there ... :-)

    E! says hi ... :-)

  2. Jag instämmer, fönstren blev verkligen fina. Tror det var ett bra val. Mindre rutor känns som om det skulle ge mindre ljus kanske (marginellt iaf), sen är det bökigare att tvätta också.
    Vad mysigt det ser ut att kratta löv!
    Jag skulle GÄRNA komma över på glögg! Men det får bli ngt annat år.
    Kramis E