Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sommartider hej hej sommartider!

Today's yummy summer menu consists of shrimp ceviche and Gazpacho. 

I peeled the shrimp (about 1/2 pound) and cooked them for about 30 seconds by putting them in a colander and dunking them in boiling water.

I cut them up in quarters and squeezed about 5 limes on top. Then chopped cilantro and thinly sliced red onion. 

We will enjoy it on tortilla chips with avocado on top.

My first Gazpacho in the house was last fall and I followed the recipe again today but I made a smaller batch. 

Make it right in the blender:

3 tomatoes - deseeded
1 red pepper
1/2 red onion
1 big garlic clove
1/2 cucumber
fresh oregano from our herb pots!

olive oil
red wine vinegar

And with this we drink Micheladas - of course!

Just ask the poster boy. (One addition since that last post - Old Bay seasoning and we got E! to thank for that little oh so important detail.)

The tiger lilies are poppin! 

And I am very proud of my morning glories who supposedly thrive in dry soil and that's no joke!

I'm sorry - these are my berries? OMG! These are MYYYYYY berries!!!!!!

Weekly hosta update - happy, healthy transplant.

This is the newest addition to the Maple Ave family. 

His name is Elliot and I'm gonna have to be a weirdo and once again take stalker photos of other people's pets here, because he's not mine but belongs in the cottage. He's half standard poodle and half great pyrenees. He's 4 months old and awesome. Like something out of Starwars.

He's quite shy still and I can get about 6 feet close to him and then he'll run away - just like this and it's the best part. I don't know who gave him those paws cause they just don't fit. Same thing with his tongue, it's like 3 sizes too big.

This has got to be the most uncomfortable dining experience of all times.

We felt pretty productive today as we went and bought a new door and did some research on fixtures for our upcoming bathroom. The door was purchased at The Door Jamb in Shokan. Never thought I'd be excited about doors but this place is pretty great! I will once again use my crappy home drawn floor plan to explain where this DOOR will go.

This is where the mudroom will be once we open up the kitchen and I won't have dirty boots tracking mud through my KITCHEN. Use the back door, please!

Aaaaahhhh.... I love a summer bouquet picked by the side of the road. Don't you?


  1. Ahaaaa! Nu fattar även jag! Mud room där bak (med tvättstuga misstänker jag?), det blir ju skitbra. Tack för nytt inlägg. Om jag inte hade drunknat i målarfärgen eller staplat in mig i vedboden hade jag även kunnat lägga in lite nya pics men nu har jag både drunknat och staplat mig till döds. Närå, jag är piggelin och tycker att livet är skoj och prioriterar kroppsarbete just nu. Men ikväll borde jag ha tid faktiskt... jo men då ska jag nog blogga om the läjtest njoos! Igår kände jag första känslan av resfeber faktiskt. Vi hade ett litet planeringsmöte som sträckte sig ända fram avresan och då fattade jag hur nära det är. Men först ska vi ha en gigantisk fest som kräver mer av oss än vi kunde ana. Och vi ska köra HÅRT på garagefronten. KRAM!

  2. I hate to break your heart, but better I tell you now than you suffer the tragic disappointment later: Those berries are not yours, my friend. They belong to your beautiful bird neighbors. But they're lovely! And you should still try to harvest some!