Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shiny happy Subaru people!

We spent a hectic day being mega super duper adults yesterday. An enormously sleep deprived co habitant and I set out for Route 17 and bathroom faucets at 7 in the morning on saturday. The plan was to visit some upscaly places and pick out a shower. We gave ourselves a crazy deal on a bathtub after much research. We found one that will do us good and it's cheap mainly because of the size and shape. Which would give us the opportunity to splurge a little on a shower instead. The fancy place didn't open until 8.30 so I suggested just wasting some time at Home Depot up the road. Where we ended up just doing our shopping...

This is Kohler's Archer suite and I think it's pretty darn nice.....  and the right price. The sink we picked out is also a Kohler sink. 

Aaaaaand theeeeeeen....

Off to Midhudson Subaru to buy a car. Just like that. 

But not really.... It's been a hot topic since we moved up here. We need 2 cars. The Pathfinder is crap on gas and ready to be retired to an around the town car. My Cali Jeep was beyond repair and ready for the dump basically. 

R.I.P. Ebba Grön.

So what do we commute in? 

Which brings us to our meeting with Silver Bullet. 

She's a 2008 Forrester and the 2nd car I've ever owned. She will do us right. We are now Subaru people which still seems a bit cult like to our ears, but we are learning that Subaru people are happy car people.


  1. Now ya gotta adorn her with a bunch of Stickers that say, "Save a Tree" "Yes We Can" "NO Blood for Oil" "Gunks" "My other car is a broom stick"

  2. HI guys It's Chris. The above comments were made by me. It's Karen's account. Good luck with the new ride.

  3. Det var värst! Vilket vrålåk! Tjusigt! Men är Ebba G verkligen såååå dålig? Ska inte G få ta en titt iallafall? Snygga badrumsgrejer! En tanke bara, jag gillar när man kan ta ner duschen och hålla den i handen. Dels för att man ska slippa stå på händer när man duschar vissa kroppsdelar, dels för att kunna städa badrummet på ett bekvämt sätt. Vi har nog sålt vår grå Volvo idag till en bonnläpp som gillade att meka. G sålde den som en reservdelsbil men den här snubben skulle nog laga upp den. Och sen försökte vi dra loss den ännu äldre, motivlackade Volvon men den hade vuxit fast. Det kommer en kompis till G med bärgningsbil nån dag och vi tänkte underlätta arbetet för honom men han får nog köra upp bärgningsbilen på gräsmattan ända intill. Nu ska skrotet bort för när garaget är helt klart ska det in ny skit! ;-) Sitter och väntar på Maria med barn som ska komma och vara här ett dygn. Lera med barnen och drinkar med mamman. Trevligt! Kram. Och du... VI SES SNART!!!!

  4. Now I'm more of a folksy kinda wagon guy, but Subaru people are nice, I should know, I married one ... :-)

    Also congratulations on the bathroom fixtures. I know from experience that those aren't easy decision to make, so you should be proud. Now go get that bathroom done, so we can all be in awe how awesome it is.

  5. Ha! Chris is right! (As is Dirk. We were delighted to not have to make fixture decisions. Too many choices!) Nicely done on the Subaru. It *is* a cult, but we're all very nice. And you realize you will now be required to ski, right? There are rules...