Thursday, June 24, 2010

My country week

I'm really too tired to write but the J's are back and I gotta keep up with them. They come through like tasmanian devils and just get sh*t DUN.

I'm working in Monroe this week and have been commuting from the house. Whatta great thing. Getting a dangerously sweet taste for living here all the time. 

So while I have been doing this:

Aaaaahhh duuuuuuuh it's not obvious? It's a stoner-civil-war-spoof by the Whitest Kids U Know. It's very funny and spirits are high even though we're dealing with humid heat in the 90's and a treacherous field, low man power and limited time.

They've been doing this:

New door in place. That like just happened like today. I ordered a door handle and lock from The Door Jamb, a nice, simple black lever that sparked my Scandinavian aesthetic. 

When Bruce built our front porch he pulled the shingles off to anchor it and today the J's covered it back up so that we can get ready to paint. 

Tyvek is gone from the baywindow! Yeah J-boyz!

We have ordered the fixtures for the new upstairs bathroom and they will be delivered this sunday. I have decided on a black and white theme in there, with white subway tile around the tub and 2 white walls, the one with the window and the one with the door. The wall that goes in towards the house will be a charcoal accent wall and will have a vanity the length of the wall with one drop in sink. 

First, the J's were going to build a custom vanity, but this past weekend we found this at Lowe's and it will do just fine! We are going to tile the top with subway tile.

And finally - black slate floor. 

The inspiration for the whole bathroom look is this mirror that will go over the sink. Yum.

Gagagagaga. So. Much. Happening.

But it's all fun stuff!

The countdown to my sis and Giz's visit is another exciting thing!!! 3 weeks today! And then it's tubing, soft serve, miniture golf, Gunk Haus dinners and wine on the patio for 2 1/2 glorious weeks. It's gonna be a great time to visit - hint hint city friends! There will be sightseeing as well, and some city fun and a Martha's Vineyard finale. Now that's brilliant!

Inspirational plant of the week. The lovely trumpet vine! It's essentially a weed and grows all over but the flowers are strange and beautiful!

And last but certainly not least - the hosta!

My my my you are looking fiiiiiine!


  1. Ja men fy fan vad snyggt! Nya dörren, den lappade fasaden och badrumsmöblen. Härligt! Japp! Idag om tre veckor står vi där som vilsna turister på Manhattan. Not. Det ska bli såååå kul att träffa er och se Maple Ave. Idag är det midsommarafton och vi firar inte alls. Jag är bara lycklig över att jag har fått semester och ska vara leeeedig. Trodde jag ja. Det blir till att måla hus tills nacken skriker och klippa gräs... Jag älskar semester. ;-) KRAM!

  2. Saw the J's working on the front porch the other day. Everything looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the bathroom once it's done ... :-)

  3. Hallå där Linda :)
    Hittade din blogg nu och måste bara säga att jag är gift med en man som är gift med sina hostor...Han samlar och det är bara trädgården som sätter stopp (vi har NOLL yta)...
    Grattis till bilköpet!!!!Helénakramar

  4. That hosta is looking great. Your father can plant anything at my place, anytime. (As can pretty much anyone else. I'm not picky. We need plants that don't bear apples!)