Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Won't you be my neighbor!

Looks like 3 houses will up for grabs soon on Maple Ave. First the blue house I put up a few weeks ago but here is a refresher!

And sadly - there are for sale signs outside Tom and Fran's house right next door.

It is cute as pie and in terrific shape obviously. It's unfortunate to loose a good neighbor but if we can help out and find someone equally great we all luck out, right?!

And FINALLY!!! The long house across the street is seeing some action! This is the Maple Ave Gazette not just the 19 Maple Ave Gazette so here's the scoop...

Today 3 sheriff's cars were there along with a whole crew of clean up guys and gals. The owners have been officially evicted and the house will be appraised and go on the market! It's a very cool house and has a huge barn in the back. The property is also great! James and I looked at it way back in the day and the owners were asking 350,000 - about 200,000 too  much, so hopefully now it will get a fair price and will sell to somebody that can turn it back to it's rightful shape!

I'll get more details if you are interested!

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