Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall will be nice but I'm not ready to wear pants.

I was around all week long, happily unemployed. Got stuff done around the house and knocked off season 2 of Big Love. 

We are playing catch up on the outside. Want to be in the same place with all the windows, trim and porches. Which right now means primed and sanded and ready for a 1st coat of real paint. And we are getting there. 

My big accomplishment is the big porch. Primed. Phew.

No easy task with all those curves, crooks and nannies.

James primed 2 of the last windows and the basement door on the north side.

One titanic task was to finish the little porch and it finally got done. Up to primer that is...

The new rule around here is IF you walk through this entrance you have to LOOK UP and compliment us on our extraordinary work on this beast of a restoration job.

We experimented with GREEEEEEN. James painted a patch on the outside of the laundry room to see what SPACE will look like.

 I think we have settled and we like it. Space it is.

I don't now if these are the morning glories I planted or if someone had the same instinct as me but they are popping either way. 

OK. What else. I prepped the weekend menu during the week by "graving" a piece of salmon. I also cooked up a giant pot of borscht. That became thursday supper when James arrived. This time cold with chopped up hard boiled egg and cucumber. We ate it again for friday lunch and I added a side of kielbasa to please the tall one. We ate gravlax for saturday dinner with boiled potatoes and hovmästarsås. The left over potatoes and kielbasa went in to a pytt-i-panna for sunday brunch. Which is your left over scraps fried up with some onions and an over easy egg on top. 

We watched movies too. 
RocknRolla. Pretty silly. Mildly entertaining. Another Guy Ritchie too cool for school affair.
The Two Escobars. Great documentary about Pablo and Andres Escobar. One druglord and the other a soccer player. We watched Cocaine Cowboys the other week and THAT was AWESOME and this was a nice follow up. 
We gave In Bruges about 45 minutes and then it had to go. An absolute awful mess. Are you being funny? Is this a comedy? So why the sad classical music? And killing a 10 year boy accidentally is never funny. Same goes for Colin Farrell... Bye bye, you go back to Netflix now.
But The Messenger made up for it. Both James and I are in the credits on this one. Great little movie about two army officers who deliver the news to the next of kin of fallen soldiers. 
The one I really have to recommend though is Sin Nombre. We saw it last weekend and were both blown away. It's (very) BRUTAL and BEAUTIFUL and simple and real and just never misses a beat. A perfect chain of events that made for great story telling. You can give me that over and over and over. Like last year's absolute favorite: Crazy Heart. And Jeff Bridges is always a treat anyway. Mmmmmm...

Mmmmm... Treat....

Oh. Where was I?

Going back to work... A little passion project (somebody else's passion project...) but a chance to get to work with American Society of Cinematographer's member Nancy Schreiber, one of the few ladies there. Which means this year, I've worked with 3 of the most prominent female directors of photography in the biz. Lisa Rinzler, Eller Kuras and now Nancy. I like those stats.

And lastly a friendly Hudson Valley reminder...

This is the PRIME TIME to come visit our lovely area. Activities and beauty galore!!!

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