Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Demolition Derby

There's strippers...

And then there's this stripper.

My christmas vacation consisted of a lot of this, with eco terrorist get-up and heat gun in hand - OLD PAINT beware. 

Also beware of the destruction force that is Big Jimmy. On New Year's Eve he went bezerker on the green room. 

Heeeeeeere's Jimmy!

We are hoping to put the bathroom in this end of the room and we are most likely sealing up the doorway that leads to the green room.

19 Maple Ave is a funny  little house, because you can close a door in one end of the house where it looks like there was a postapocalyptic earthquake and then walk to the other end of the house, light a fire and get ready for New Year's guests. 

But, even this had to go.

This is how I left things things this morning, living room is ready for a floor sand.

But in this house, which is becoming more and more like Dark City, things move around a lot. All our furniture has soon lived in every room.

We also took apart our lovely, but temporary living room, the pastry shop. 

We are insulating, tearing up floors, trimming windows and god knows what else. This project is growing out of control faster than wild fire. Oh my.

Wallpaper, more wall paper...

Beautiful barn, beautiful snow.


  1. What the heck happened to the pastry shoppe?!? I remember having chocolate fondue there on New Year's Eve, and now look at that mess!!!

    You guys rock ... :-)

  2. Wow! Det händer ju massor! Skönt att du kan lägga in bilder igen. Fasiken vad spännande. Den där lilla skrubben (som är borta nu) i gröna rummet - vad var det? Och till vilket rum har ni slagit ut väggen? Jag hänger inte med. Fast det där med badrum låter ju klokt. Vi blev magsjuka i Norrland, först G sen jag, men inte värsta sorten med kaskadspyor. Ont i magen, lite feber och matta. Vi lyckades ta oss hem och nu ligger vi skavfötters i soffan och lyssnar på ljudbok. Kram!

  3. I've been meaning to mention - on the off chance that you guys ever find yourselves without a single room that doesn't have 2.5 inches of demo dust on the floor, you're welcome to crash here. Weasley would love it!