Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The dining room is green from floor to ceiling. The right color and an amazing paint job by the significant other. He hates it but he's damn good at it. Here are some befores... Stinky floor and pukey yellow.

At he top you can see MORE wall paper, no house has ever had this much wall paper. This little nook is especially charming with its random baskets, teacups and country crap. The only thing missing is a goose in a bonnet.

The living room before... Bad wood paneling, 3 layers of wall paper, cheesy fireplace...

The 3rd layer revealed these houses. I liked them for about 5 minutes and then continued my mission. James saw something in my eyes that weekend that scared him. He thought he was going to find me in the neighbor's house in the middle of the night peeling their wallpaper. It's highly addictive. Oh man sometimes you get those looooong strips off....

This is from the weekend when we tackled the bathroom ceiling. Satisfaction.

Scraper in hand, wall paper lovers - beware

And now:

The couch corner.

Rosemary is working on a couch for us. She has gathered samples and more samples trying to find the PERFECT GREEN. The riddle goes: What's green at night and turns brown in the morning? The answer is every single swatch we've picked out. It looks perfect under the tungstens but in the daylight it turns into some hideous swamp shade that wouldn't even befit a 70's den.
This weekend we got down to these 4. Rosemary put us on the right path thinking of a lighter couch. We were always seeing a dark green monster that just eats you up. Buuuut... thinking further and visualizing the bright white living room and the adjoining dark green dining room... we settled on

this one.

Totally casual and comfortable but in a kind of medium, grown up shade.

Thank you for all your help Rosemary and we can't wait to watch movies with you in our new living room!!!

I don't feel like I feature our lovely temporary bedroom enough. It's such a beautiful room with it's wood beams and bay window. How I've kept my fingers away from peeling the wall paper off is a mystery. I guess there just has to be a safe zone somewhere and this is it for now.

The big question is what will happen to this room when we move upstairs. Den? Office? Screening room? Hat storage? Monkey farm? Something that rhymes with "ursery"?

Scott, our contractor is about to start on our windows and that is a huge deal. We might fall behind on all other progress so this blog may very well turn to movie reviews instead. And pictures of trees...


  1. Det går framåt, vad duktiga ni är.
    Det blir spännande att se soffan på plats sen.
    Kram till er båda.

  2. Hej!!
    Kul att du har börjat blogga - nu kan man ju hålla riktig koll på dig! Det är inget litet projekt ni har startat, det ser ut att kunna bli hur fint som helst!
    Kramar från Helena (Sjöberg/Peterson...)