Monday, October 5, 2009


Fall is coming on strong and it's going to be spectacular! The leaves are already going on Grandaddy Sugar Maple and the view of the valley is getting more and more colorful every day.

Here's some people I keep talking about.

My mom and dad. And here is a picture of the flowers that were delivered from the örebro gang. Tack för dom! Jättefina och hjälper till med lukt och trivsel!!!

My sister Kajsa and Gizmo.

And James' mom Rosemary.

Now here are some new friends.

Florence's goats are an unruly bunch.

Gene's goat is more well behaved.

This guy and his buddies have found a hole in the wall and now helping themselves to the bulk birdseed. And they are too darn cute to be mad at.

And our yard is perfectly swarming with tufted titmouses, speckled warblers and flatchested nuthatches. There have been cardinal sightings already but I think they come around more in the later fall and winter. Here is a full house of sparrows for starters.


A male cardinal

Brewer's blackbird

White breasted nuthatch

House finch

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