Monday, September 21, 2009

James and Linda - The Musical!

This is the kid and I. One's a cowboy and the other a commitophobe. Together, we're pretty good stuff. Don't know how long it's been now, but judging by the pictures it's been a while. At least.

Young and carefree with no other responsibility than our rent control apartment and the only thing that really worries us is to run out of Bullens Pilsner sausage before our next trip to Sweden and the fact that no one bothered to rearrange the Netflix queue so this weekend we are stuck with 2 Ozus and an obscure documentary in the vain of From Mao to Mozart. And all you want is Old School 2.

These days are over. We have become homeowners. We have become landowners and landlords. We have a mortgage. We have a septic system. We can no longer take our garbage to the street and it magically disappears. We have a furnace that is as foreign to me as a PC. In the city a thermostat is opening the window in the winter when the radiator is so jumping hot it could melt bones. Now you're trying to tell me I have to PAY for my heat? Well I'm telling you all only once - bring an extra sweater to our house cause this thermostat isn't going above 60. Do you have any idea how expensive that oil stuff is?

But we also have the most popular bird feeder on the block, 8am rush hour is like a sale at Barney's over here. We have land to make a garden. I have a kitchen! I have room, lots of room. I have a lady with goats and chickens to the north and an apple orchard to the south. You want quaint? Well, we got it by the bucket loads up here.

We haven't quite figured out yet if we are the craziest or smartest people in the world, but it's leaning towards the latter.

This is future James and Linda. An exciting new chapter.

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  1. Hi James and Linda ~ I was so excited to read your blog. Mom has been telling me all about your wonderful project and, now, I will be able to follow it.
    I restored a 100-year-old "unloved" home in Bay Shore and, at times,during the renovations I silently wondered if I'd finally lost my mind ... but with each touch of love, my home became all the more special. When I moved, my heart was broken.
    My garden has been my big project in my new home.
    If you ever want a vacation in the Hamptons, I have plenty of room and I would love you to visit - perhaps, you could even bring mom :) I know Tommy and Bobby would come out to visit too!
    You both seem so very happy and that makes me smile.
    You might enjoy my website - - My blog ... which I should write in more - is Tulip Trees and Turkeys and it's also on my site ... as is most of my life :) XXXOOOXXX Ree (sounds more grown up than Ree-Ree)