Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Grand Tour

Welcome to our little house in the country! Come in the front door so you can use the original crank door bell. It's perfectly delightful! (Det blir bara käckare härifrån så akta er!)

To the right of the front door is the temporary bedroom.

This room is low on the list of priorities and will stay bedroomy and safe from construction until we fix up the kermit green dead zone which we will visit later in the tour. Once it gets its face lift though it may very well become red...

If you go up the stairs in the foyer you get to the sweetest little landing and an adorable bedroom. This is where you will be sleeping, most likely, dear guest.

To the left in the foyer - the living room. And straight through - the dining room.

Stomach virus yellow on the bottom trim and a lovely plywood floor......

BUT... the living room plan is:

- strip 3 layers of wall paper off the walls and paint them white. Including the really bad ski cabin wall.

We thought we were going to have to live with the unfortunate gold fireplace and the cheese-town brick work but Rosemary said "just paint it". Before she had finished her sentence I was in the car going to Lowe's to pick up black spray paint. Ta-dah!

The last touch will be to sand the floors and get the comfiest couch ever made in green plus 2 big leather chairs.

The dining room plan:
- Dark green walls (Polo Green flat finish)
- Dark green trim including windows (Polo Green satin finish)
- White painted floor until we lay down some wood.

Green underway...

From the dining room you enter the equally nauseating yellow kitchen.

But it is fully stocked and I am a 50's housewife in the way I gush about my appliances! Oh my!

The kitchen realm is a 2-year plan. No major changes now that the ceiling is taken care of. Throw a little white paint on the walls and maybe go as far as painting cabinets, changing countertops and adding some kind of island, but we have big - HUGE - plans for this area, so progress will be slow.

The other end of the kitchen leads to the pastry shop/music studio/rec room/suburban basement (someone get these people a fussball table and a tiki bar! Tiki bar NOW!) I adooooore this room and while the living room is getting fixed up we are trying it out as a substitute. We just had a sleeper sofa delivered so this is another place for you, dear guests, to crash.

And up to the left lurks the dead zone. DUN-DUN! Can you see the green? The only really finished room in the house and it's GREEN, abut as GREEN as GREEN gets. This could be the spring project though. Knocking down a wall and maybe the ceiling. There's nothing up there but space.


Have I confused you too much or can you see the layout?

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