Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends, family, turtles & tenants!

It was a lovely Easter with sun and family and friends! Kajsa and Gizmo came on the 4th and with them their friends Annelie and Thomas. Annelie is turning 40 this month and wanted to celebrate in New York City. We thought that was a very good idea! There was lots and lots of strolling in the city (perfect weather!), a trip to Coney Island



and eating... (Thai at Sea in Williamsburg)

lots of eating... (vegetarian  Korean at Hangawi on 32nd Street)

and more eating... (Mexican at Café Frida on the upper west side)

eating again... at 19 Maple Ave. Photo by Kajan. 

And drinking of course... (at the Gunk Haus in Clintondale). The gang came up for a night, a personal highlight for me! I know what it's like to be in the city for the first time and how it draws you in so we were very honored that they made the trip up north!

Annelie and Thomas brought us this colorful parade of moose that a friend of theirs makes!

Kajsa brought us this raku heart which was made while testing for her LEAF! A very prominent gallery in Stockholm is celebrating Swedish craftsmanship this summer and has invited artists of all kinds to participate by making a leaf in a material of their choice. Should be a great show!

In other good news we have found a  tenant! Her name is Lea and we hope that she is going to love Clintondale the way we do.

So I went completely burzum (which is Norwegian death metal speak for craycray) in the old pool area. There was once an above ground pool here and the deck and most of the liner have been buried for years and years and years. Pretty evil sleeping beauty stuff and I've been clearing it over the last few weeks.

FINALLY - a clear shot of the view again!

No power lines no weeds...

Rosemary came to see us a few weeks ago and had some brilliant ideas per usual. One was to start a wall of forsythias right by the edge of the driveway. We put 5 bushes in and I have a feeling they are going to TAKE OFF.

I took a photo drive today and my first stop was a pond on South Ohioville Road where I've seen a lot of turtles lately.


Today I sat for a good long while photo stalking them and I heard a rustle over to the right.

And saw this guy.

The apple valley is really starting to look good!

Our own yard is starting to look pretty nice as well.

Hostas are on schedule, with the lovely creeping phlox in the background.

What's a spring blog post around here without pictures of popping azaleas!

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