Thursday, December 1, 2011

Before and sweet afters...

Again, our 2 year homeowner anniversary came and went without big fanfare. I did a solid recap after the first but just as much has happened this past year.

(I'm liking the new picture viewer function in blogger. Just click on any image and a slide show will pop up including all the pics in the post!)

In the beginning we showed this picture PROUDLY. Yikes. People must have thought we CRAZY!!!

And we probably were. But we stood by our crapcastle, our diamond in the rough, our ugly duckling. And look at it now!

First fall. Dead knot weed in the land fill pit. Ugh. 

This fall! Green grass. (with some bald spots...).

We tackled our dining room first. Some paint and some (HEAVY DUTY) scrubbing.


In the living room we tore 3 layers of wall paper down, painted and sanded down the floor.

Kitchen needed scrubbing, paint and some up-to-dating. Fixes are temporary here because we have a mega plan in mind that involves tearing it all out.

This is the only photo that exists of the dead zone that is now our master bath. It's how it looked when we moved in and we didn't do a thing until we tore it all apart. That window is behind the tiles in the shower.

 Bedroom was gutted, reframed and insulated.

Yea uh huh that's the same corner. Minus kermit green, drop ceiling and corner closet. We rule.

The pastry shop was dark blue when we moved in. We liked the wall paper very much and decided it was always going to return to a dark blue. Serious gutting and reframing was done here as well.

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  1. In two years you have transformed this house into something amazing.
    Pretty hard act to follow..........what do you do for an encore ???
    Looks so good , maybe you can take a breather from all the hard work.

    Happy Holidays in Clintondale.