Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relish (ing)

Angry Irene sky. We got seriously dumped on rain wise in Clintondale but the wind didn't kick as hard as we thought. James and I had power all Sunday long and I sprinted out of bed in the morning and started prepping THE MOVE.

We've been going back and forth on the yellow wall. I had the paint, Farrow and Ball's Citron, a recommendation from an interior design friend, the lovely Polly of Lewis Interiors.

I guess we just didn't know if it was going to be right. But we got brave. Well, I got brave, this is actually Zombie-James who is under my control painting. (He loves the wall now but would never admit it to the dudes...)

After this was dry we took the bed apart and moved it.

I just stopped by IKEA on my way to work today and picked up two of these night stands:

Next was the dresser and closets.


And his.

And as on cue around 6.30pm - the power went out. We were well prepared and had been nursing romantic notions of card playing by candle light but when an invite came in via text to go hang out with the neighbors we jumped at the opportunity. They had power and booze.

Saturday night was our first night in the SUITE. It felt like sleeping in a hotel. I've lived in some small apartments but I've still never been this close to the bathroom. Wow. And the bathroom. OH MY the bathroom. 

It's so big and so sexy and so close to my bed and sosososo DONE! 

Mr Bones is here to make you feel good about yourself every morning when you look in the mirror and wonder how you  managed to age ten years overnight. AT LEAST you're in better shape than him.

Next up were drapes and shades. Rosemary had 3 pairs of these draperies so we used 2 pairs as is for this wall. 

And from the 3rd pair and for the east wall she sewed these gorgeous Roman shades. Peeeerfect.

We'll be putting the finishing touches on this room here and there but it feels pretty much done already. It's our new bedroom. It's been over 1 1/2 years in the making. Since James first put that sledgehammer through that green wall on New Years eve with guests arriving in an hour. Just a quick reminder...

The only "problem" now is that we have TOO much space. Rooms galore. When James comes in the house and calls "where are you" I don't know what to answer him anymore. 

Finishing the upstairs is giving a superboost to getting the downstairs done as well. Blue room is next!!! And then on to the outside.

Speaking of outside... We took breaks here and there to enjoy the crazy gorgeous post hurricane weather on Monday and at one point we had 4 humming birds buzzing around the feeder. 

These three ladies were fighting over one poor dude. I think he ended up leaving first. 

I've had it with these pushy broads. I'm going home to mom.

The trumpet vine is still blooming and is still attracting hungry hummers.


  1. Hej,
    vad skönt att allt gått bra efter stormen. Det gick bra nere I Norfolk hos syrran också. Vad fint ni har gjort i huset! Toppen med så stora garderober och superlyxigt badrum. Jättekul att läsa din blogg och titta på dina fina bilder.

    Kram Johanna

  2. WOW. Jag säger bara WOW. Har ni plats för en till? Fantastiskt snyggt. Och jag förstår - nu har ni plötsligt fått ett väldigt stort hus! Det blå rummet - menar du gamla sovrummet? Eller ska konditoriet göras färdigt först? Oj oj oj, måste komma och hälsa på snart! KRAM

  3. Jules and I are thinking about buying a fixer upper. I've been telling her about your house these days and had to take a look back....