Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Snaps

Yo Svenska! We got snow too.

Just felt like sharing some random thoughts. Firstly, the tapestry I bought in the market in San Juan de Chamula found a home this weekend.

It will probably move around a whole lot but for now this corner is very suitable!

On our month long trip in Baja we stopped in Cabo Pulmo for a few nights. Cabo Pulmo is known for diving and snorkling. We also swam with sea lions and did some top notch whale watching.

James and I like the zoo and a bunch of years ago we encountered this guy at the Bronx Zoo. 

The illusive, mysterious and super cuddly snow leopard.

My Christmas ham became green split pea soup right before I left for Sweden. I soaked the peas for a few hours as I boiled the left over ham bone in 1 gallon of water. After that we got the goodies off the bone and I boiled it all together. Added marjoram, salt and pepper. There may have been an onion in there too. 

Planning for the bedroom. A yellow wall? 

We stopped by Iceland on one of our Sweden trips. That was the most magical place I have ever been. We got a recommendation of a place to eat by a guy on the plane. The Sea Baron. Not the guy, the restaurant. Best lobster soup in the world. Even The New York Times says so. I saw a fancy sea food place in my mind so imagine our surprise when we stepped into this hole in the wall. Awesome. 

Stitched together our bedroom in photoshop. It's so... BIG. I cannot wait to move into this space.

This is the potential yellow wall. Yellow paints have the happiest names. And tasty too... Safari Sun, Peach Butter, Instant Delight (hm, doesn't really give a clue to the shade but who doesn't want instant delight???), Hawaiian Passion (yes please, I may paint every room with that one!), Refreshing Mimosa (oh, now I have to build an addition to the house), OPTISMISTIC YELLOW, or simply CHEERFUL, Gusto Gold and

 Social. Butterfly.

I went to Sturgis bike week on a job, an HBO show called Family Bonds. It was quite insane. I even broke my foot. Shooting was pretty much non stop.

But there was some room for play too.

We are going back to work. Looks like Scott will come in this week and start the heat. Then it's bathroom floor time!

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