Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waterfalls and pyramids. Just another week in Chiapas.

On Monday our location was Agua Azul. I will let the pictures do the talking.

On Tuesday morning we showed up early at the pyramids. Hot humid and just gorgeous! These big ones are in close vicinity to the parking lot and we rolled our camera cart right in. The Mayans must have been in sick shape climbing these things all the time. 

Shooting schedule had to change because of harsh sunlight and in the jungle we went. And further in. And further in. Cursing and sweating and trekking treacherous steep stairs with heavy camera gear. Once in place after making some noise (I have to make a little noise every once in a while, about how if I knew what I was about to get myself into I wouldn't have gotten out of bed in the morning) But a little growling and a few bottles of water later I started looking around. Finding myself in a magical spot!

Stefania is my 2nd AC. She's like totally awesome!

Ivanhoe is our keygrip. Apparently Ivanhoe is a pretty extravagant name even in Spanish. Here he is dressed as a Mayan God. To give us luck? We can use every bit of luck we can get our hands on.

Because on Wednesday morning we woke up at 5am to insane rain. If you haven't seen Lost in La Mancha see it - it's a great documentary and it's the only way I can describe our potential situation, had we decided to shoot. 

OH! So there is a reason they call it the rain forest. Hm...

But Karen and Paul, our main characters are in Chiapas on a sunny vacation so it wouldn't make much sense to film in the rain. So here is our little crew huddled under pop up tents waiting for the downpour to stop.

It gave me some time to take some photos. This place is so magical and mystical anyway and with the mist and rain even more so.

Brave Japanese tourist puts his umbrella down TO GET THE SHOT!

The multicolored turista poncho cult is coming out of the darkness to see the pyramids.

We waited a few hours for the rain to stop and when it didn't we got in our vans and started our journey to San Cristóbal de Las Casas. We will have to come back at the end of the shoot to pick up some scenes by the ruins. 

But for now adios Palenque!

The regular route is the windy purple one and takes about 5 hours because of TOPES (speed bumps) and curves. But due to rain we had to take the red route which took about 6 or 7. There was much to see and no complaints. And once my pants dried it was even quite comfortable.

We started shooting on Thursday at the Museum of Amber. 

Sebastian our DP and Eva our director setting a frame.

On Friday we shot in the center of San Cristobal.

Grips. A very universal breed. James said it himself. All over the world grips are leaning against C stands looking bored. This is Manuel, Ivanhoe and "Oso" and they're great!

Emilio is our soundmixer.

OH street pup. How do I not take thee home with me?

Our Xolo superstar!

We have a 2 day weekend to roam around San Cristobal and shop and eat great food and learn about Zapatistas! And tonight we are all going to a show with one of the members from Mano Negra. On Monday we head to the Cañon De Sumidero to shoot. There's crocodiles there!


  1. What an amazing trip........we are following you on this adventure.
    You are way beyond Alfredo, Bricks and Sheetrock. Mayan Ruins !

    Thanksgiving pales in comparison, nevertheless it was lovely but
    we missed you. Your house is not the same without you.
    James and Big Pink await your return for Christmas.......R

  2. Hola! Vilka underbara, fina bilder! Och vi är nyfikna på clubkvällen med Mano Negra. Och har du träffat S. Marcos än? Vi har slitit i verkstad och garage idag, söndag. Det går framåt! Imorgon ytterligare en dag på hemmaplan med - förhoppningsvis - mycket jobb gjort. Det snöar vidare och vi skottar emellanåt. Nu börjar snölagret bli ansenligt. Minusgraderna håller också i sig och därför är det riktigt vintrigt. Rekordtidigt! Nu är det godnatt och imorgon går vi in i invigningsveckan! KRAM

  3. Dude - I love Mano Negra! Great party music! I hope he picked a good show for you. Also, it should go without saying that your pictures are stunning and your travels amazing.