Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting ready for winter

We are seriously working our petuties off over here. It's non stop but unfortunately there's not too much to show for it. I finally put finish paint on the whole porch and James has one coat on all windows and trim. We know it but nobody else really sees it. Once we start to green EVERYONE will see but that's looking more and more like a spring project.

Rosemary came and visited last weekend and brought lots of goodies. Our dining and living rooms are up to detailing level and little lamps and cute tables make a world of difference. There was also lots of kitchen planning. Which gets us too excited and we want it to happen now!!! But alas, it's still a 2 year plan. Unless we win the powerball lottery. Which could totally happen. 

Jake and Brian, our new contractors have been working in the pastry shop getting it ready for the sheet rocker (who may start next week...). 

Today they put the final touches on the new staircase and the door to the basement. Rosemary got involved in the planning of the pastry shop also. We know that we are doing the white wood wall and we know that the rest of the room will be dark blue. We are now convinced that we are doing window and door trim blue as well, just like the dining room. 

So the week started out sunnysunnysunny and we got much done. I raked the last of the leaves and even mowed the lawn. I'm calling it - the yard is ready for winter.

Our furry neighbors helped out as well. 

It was time to harvest the basil plant and what else to make but PESTO. Just good old classic pesto.

2 cups of basil leaves
1/3 cup of pine nuts
1/2 cup grated parmesan
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves

Put it right in the blender go.

Right before I served it I heated it up a little with some half and half. James says I would make a good Italian.

My mother's "oups people are coming over and I have nothing to serve for fika*" solution is always rhubarb crisp. We have no rhubarb (YET) but are surrounded by apple orchards so when Rosemary and I went down the road to get pumpkins for Halloween we also grabbed a bag of local Empires. I think I broke every desert record last night when the thing was in the oven before James was even back from the minimart with ice cream. So quick. So tasty.

Making the crisp is a feeeeel thing. I just start with a stick of butter and add flour and sugar until the consistency is right. Crumbly and falling apart. We cut and peel the apples and sprinkle some cinnamon and brown sugar on them between the layers. Then pour the crumbles on top. Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. If you have marsan (martian) (vanilla) sauce that's how it should be eaten but if you are without, ice cream will definitely suffice.

*A coffee break with a little something sweet to go along with it. 

I get worried sometimes that I've seen all the good movies in the world. But then a little gem pops up and I find there is hope. We caught a yummy old thriller with Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster when Rosemary visited. (hm, some of us caught only half...). Anyway, it's called Sorry, Wrong Number and it's a thriller all right.

Also want to recommend (highly infact!) a Danish movie called Terribly Happy. A little Coen a little Lynch and a lotta original. (Copenhagen cop gets reassigned to a small town where things go from bad to worse.)

And of course, Infernal Affairs (Thanks E! for the tip!). The original version of Scorsese's The Departed which is WAY cooler. Tony Leung - you are my hero.

Heading out of town for the week, Charlotte then Detroit. And I got one more weekend in Clintondale before this blog goes Mexican. Please stop by for the cracking of the first bottle of Glögg for the season this coming sunday! 

Happy Fall from Linda and James!


  1. Great little portrait on front steps. You guys are really rolling along in the pastry shop. Stairs and new door looking good. Really enjoyed my visit
    and loved seeing it all. I have been drawing your kitchen space and think
    you will be delighted to see all the room that you have.

    You are terrific planners.........much love Rosemary

  2. Åh vad kul! Mycket intressanta, fina och roliga bilder! Ni är så rara på trappen... och höstkänsla även hos er. Jag tycker det har varit shorts och svettpärlor på alla bilder hittills. Vi har redigt kallt idag, minus nio, och imorgon väntas snö. Det har vi inte sett än. Men präktiga K har ju redan vinterdäcken på! Come on winter! Det blev mycket datortid idag, trots att det är måndag, men det har installerats en värmepump där ute. Och jag har äntligen bloggat. Ska bara bifoga några bilder så ska jag publicera. Och lite annat pappersarbete. Ja du har ju sett inbjudan. Tack för att du skickar vidare! Jag blev glad av den gesten! Lustigt, vi skördade också den sista basilikan idag. Fast jag frös in våran. Det blir pesto i vinter istället. Snickarjobbet ser jättefint ut! Och förresten, sluta kratta! Löven ger smaskig näring åt gräsmattan under vintern och förmultnar så fint under snön. Om man har högar så kan man kratta in dem under bärbuskar eller över trädgårdsland så får även dessa en dos. Fast det är klart, har man grannar som blir sura över att ens löv blåser in på deras tomt så kan det kanske vara läge att ta rätt på sina löv. KRAMAR!!!!