Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Signs of Christmas

I found this beautiful drum at a vintage store in New Paltz and bought it for Rosemary but she let me keep it...

Ornaments from when James was a kid, a present from Rosemary.

Continuing the disco christmas tradition with discoball ornaments!

The wreath is from James' sister Susan in California. In Sweden we put christmas tree branches on the stoop to clean off your feet on. The outer door has new storm windows - a present from Rosemary, something we would never have gotten to - thank you thank you thank you!

One of the most important ingredients of christmas GlöGG! This one is from IKEA...

James' sister Donna sent this tree from California and Rosemary brought us Panettone (Italian christmas bread)

Little Santas who are falling over backwards. Memories of pyssel och knåp, arts and crafts galore... They are from Sweden along with the table cloth which I grew up with.

We even gift wrapped the furnace.

 Our present to the furnace is this little room made of plastic so that he can be more efficient and cost us less in oil. It also helps to further the illusion that a serial killer lives in our basement. Merry ax-mas.

Merry Christmas - God Jul!


  1. Who is this Rosemary? Is she adopting? If so, I'm up for grabs, with all the presents she hands out, I am definitely up for grabs, and so is E!, oh, and we have a dog, too ... ;-)

    Cute jammies, may I say ... ;-)

    Merry Christmas to both of you ... :-)

  2. Merry ax-mas - completely awesome!